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Edge Technical solutions provides multiple UL listed solutions for Gas Detector testers. This includes the entire range of detector testers and sprays from HSI Fire & Safety who has provided fire alarm test and maintenance professionals with a full line of equipment and accessories for functional testing of smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors

We also represent as distributors for the well known product from South Korea called Fireview which is a Wonwoo initiative. This is the first UL listed unified smoke and detector tester in the world which employs smoke oil

All our testers are UL listed

Wonwoo EF Engineering has been the standard ‘hazard prevention’ South Korean Company for more than 10 years. Wonwoo EF Engineering serves government agencies & numerous fire departments across the country. Since 2001, Wonwoo EF Engineering’s qualified and distinct products and services has satisfied all of its clients.

Our patented products including SmokeCheck® and PurCheck® are reliable, easy to use and affordable methods to test smoke detectors. If some of the smoke detectors need cleaning prior to testing, DustAir™ is the perfect choice. HSI Fire & Safety Group is dedicated to providing a safer world, whether it be by providing testing products to safeguard your home and work place or strictly adhering to environmental guidelines that protect our environment. Our products are and always have been environmentally friendly. Our products were designed to protect!

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