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Products & Solutions- Emergency Lighting Systems

Edge Technical solutions provides complete Emergency Lighting system solutions for all high rise or low rise, low cost or high cost requirements meeting complete market requirements. Our different range of products shows our decision to

All our Emergency Lighting products are based on BS or EN standards and are listed with Local Civil Defense authorities

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Gessler is a leading German manufacturer of exit and emergency lighting solutions. The wide range of high-quality products include central power supply systems, single-battery systems, exit sign and emergency luminaires which are designed to make a bold aesthetic statement. Since 1975 Gessler‘s headquarters are located in Rodgau, Germany. The different ranges and designs of luminaires helps the client to chose as per architectural and aesthetic requirements. All luminaires are uniquely addressed and are continuously monitored. Different possibilities of interfaces such as BACnet, LON , Webserver etc enables BMS integration.

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Exilight Oy manufactures the industry’s widest selection of emergency lighting systems and guide and emergency lights. Our company focuses on professional and advanced customer service, continuous product development and reliable, high-quality products. Our offices are located in Tampere in the Technopolis-Hermia business park, and in Espoo at Technopolis-Innopoli. Exilight has the highest AAA credit rating, issued by Soliditet. Only 4.9% of all companies had the highest AAA credit rating in the first quarter of 2010

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EML Lighting Ltd. provides full service to secure buildings at the most modern level. Our safety and exit luminaries are sold in conventional and addressed system. The addressed system offers a number of advantages; after installation and commissioning, the system can be maintained cost-effectively. The unique addressing of the lights provides easy supervision, and all the necessary information are shown on the control panel’s LCD. Our engineers constantly develop our products to satisfy all the requirements. EML Light fittings are all LED with different type of mounting types available. All Light fittings are UL listed and Made in Hungary

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Established in 1992, Denko Lighting Pte Ltd specialises in the design, development and manufacture of innovative emergency lighting, exit signs and related products. As one of Singapore’s leading manufacturers in the emergency lighting market, Denko Lighting takes pride in product quality, reliability and innovation of emergency lighting products to meet and exceed the needs of both local and overseas customers. Denko Lighting’s products are listed under the Product Listing Scheme – a safety and product quality certification accredited by TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore – which bears the mark of excellence as required by international standards.

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