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  • Recess mounted Emergency light with 58mm diameter
  • 4W high wattage Samsung LEDs with 30°/45° optic lens
  • Smaller footprint for easy installation and aesthetics
  • Optional square disc adapter available
  • High-temperature NIMH battery
  • Inbuilt push-button for luminaire testing
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°C


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Product Spotlight No. 13: Email Features of Potter Fire Alarm Panels

  • Selective Emails are sent to end user based on alarm/trouble/supervisory conditions
  • Maintenance Reminders can be sent to upto 20 email Id’s with panel history / sensitivity report
  • Easy emailing setup with NO recurring service or maintenance costs
  • Upto 40 unique email ids can be stored on the panel
  • Authorized users can request panel via email for status reports, history or detector sensitivity report
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Product Spotlight No.12: Gessler Central Battery systems


  • Emergency Lighting & Central Battery systems from Germany
  • 7 inch Android Enabled touchscreen with logbook function
  • Available with both AC/AC & AC/DC solutions
  • Single system upto 150kVA load with 815VA (6.3A) or 20 luminaires per circuit
  • Upto 60 Subpanel connected to one single Main Panel
  • TCP/IP interfacing & system communication by LON-BUS
  • Single cable between luminaires for both power and data monitoring
  • Inbuilt Timer Schedule functions available directly on Touchscreen
  • Luminaire label addressing & circuit/individual luminaire monitoring available
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Product Spotlight No.11: EML Self Contained Monitoring System

  • UL Listed Self Contained Emergency Light Monitoring System
  • Single cable between luminaires for both power and data monitoring


  • Up to 99 luminaires per circuit and maximum up to 396 lights per panel
  • Total of 254 panels can be networked on one system
  • Programming via 3.5” touch screen with automatic/manual testing of luminaires
  • System communication by MOD-BUS & supports remote monitoring for BMS
  • Sub-circuit monitoring available via module or directly on emergency luminaires

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web product spotlight 10
Stop Fire Before It Starts with WES Hotspot v6

Product Spotlight No. 10: Stop Fire Before It Starts with WES Hotspot


  • Inbuilt heat detection technology suitable for Distribution Boards (DBs) & Sockets
  • Instant power disconnection when abnormal heat is detected
  • Can be configured to operate a single ELCB or monitor via fire alarm or BMS system
  • Available in various sizes from two and up to 18 points for easy retrofits
  • Can operate at ambient temperature ranges from 0 to 50 ºC
  • Activation Temperature at 80 ºC (+/- 5 ºC )

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Product Spotlight No.9: POTTER Releasing Control Panel

Potter Releasing Control Panel


  • 4 Class B Initiating circuits & 4 Class B Output Circuits
  • Multi-Hazard Operation with Programmable Cross Zoning
  • Suitable for agent or water-based extinguishing
  • 32 Character Alpha-Numeric Backlit LCD Display
  • On Board Menu Driven Programming Controls
  • Releasing Circuits Protected From False Activation
  • Alarm, Trouble Supervisory, and Water-flow relays
  • 24 Standard Programs in Panel Memory
  • Programmable pre-discharge timers in chemical mode
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Product Spotlight No.8 – Elotec Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm

  • EN54 certified wireless Addressable panel connecting upto 240 wireless addressable devices
  • Detectors, Manual Call Points, Sounders & Strobes are fully wireless working at 868Mhz RF Frequency
  • Wireless Detectors available with or without built-in sounder
  • Panel can provide pre-warnings of contaminated detectors
  • Easy to setup & program without any PC programming requirements
  • 72 hours backup with one 7 Ah battery
  • Panel with Inbuilt 4 outputs, configurable as relay or sounder output
  • Estimated battery life time of up to 5 years for detectors
  • Range can be extended with up to 6 Boosters per panel or with intelligent antennae
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Product Spotlight No.7 – Macurco Multigas Detector

Multi-gas Detector (Hydrogen Sulfide (H2 S), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2 ) and Combustibles (LEL))

Alarm notification to alert unsafe gas concentrations

Single button operation with Easy-to-read LCD display

LCD Alarm Icon, Indicator LED & Audible alarm for notifications

Light weight IP67 dust tight & water resistant housing

Continuous Data logging upto 2 months at 1 minute intervals

Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

Operating Temperature : -20°C to 50°C

Application: Oil & gas, Construction, Personal Monitor, Confined spaces, Tunnels, Boilers, Sewers, Pipelines

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Product Spotlight No.6 – Denko Self Contained Emergency Lighting

2W or 6W LED High Wattage Samsung LEDs

Ceiling, Wall or Recessed mounting options available

High temperature NiCD/NiMH battery


Inbuilt Push button for luminaire testing

IP65 rating ensures Outdoor Installations

Can be used in either Non-Maintained or Maintained Mode

Operating Temperature : 0°C ~ 50°C

Low-voltage cut-off to prevent over-discharge of battery


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Product Spotlight No.5 – Pyrexx Smoke Alarms for Villas


  • Bi-sensor processor technology (smoke + heat)
  • Available in both Standalone and Wireless options
  • Wireless transmission paths up to 400m in open space
  • Built-in lithium batteries with 10 years warranty
  • Optional colors and finishes possible to match any interior requirements
  • Compliant to EN14604 standards with Intertek certifications
  • Easy installation with certified magnetic carrier system with special adhesive gel pad
  • Optional Gateway provides browser-based web-App with SMS and email notifications
  • Can control external applications such as roller shutters, gas systems or acoustic signals (with PX-AR)

pyrexx smoke alarms

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