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TECUM AUDIO is specialized in Voice-Alarm Control and Indication Equipment solutions, combining over 30 years of experience in the voice-alarm industry. TECUM is based in Rotterdam. TECUM is dedicated to creating cost-effective VACIE systems that break the mold of standard solutions.

TECUM has created its solutions to fit the needs of installers and users alike, offering systems that are both compact and modular.

TECUM has created the IVC VOICE ALARM SYSTEM family of devices with remote-operated zone-expanders for both simplified zone switching (IVC-S) and complicated Multi-Media applications, demystifying classic ‘rack-mounted’ systems that rely on complex configuration (IVC-MM). The VCP XXX is distinguished by its design, which has a small footprint and allows for simple, cost-effective installation and operation. The VCP XXX delivers a ‘mean’ and powerful system, enabling advanced digital audio distribution on a networked VACIE solution, with self-contained compact Wall-mounted Control and Indicating Voice-Alarm panels. TECUM provides unrivaled quality and reliability by designing and producing its products in Europe to strict requirements. Fully compliant with EN54-16 certification, all TECUM products are third-party approved and certified to all European and Dubai.

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  • 20W Wall Mount Speaker- WMSP2601 – TECUM

  • 6W Wall Mount Speaker – WMSP116 – TECUM

  • EN54 Fireproof Ceiling Speaker – CS65-10W-EN – TECUM

  • EN54 Fireproof Ceiling Speaker – CS65-10WFR-EN – TECUM

  • EN54 On Wall Fireproof Speaker – CS12WEN – TECUM

  • EN54 On Wall Fireproof Speaker – PSP24W-EN – TECUM

  • Fireproof Frameless Ceiling Speaker – SM601EN – TECUM

  • Fireproof Wall Mount Speaker – WMC-10W-EN – TECUM

  • Indoor EN54 Surface Mount Speaker – SM531EN – TECUM

  • IVC-M


  • Waterproof Column Speaker – CS Series – TECUM

  • Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker – WMSP5020-WMSP5040 – TECUM

  • Waterproof Wall Mount Speaker – WMSP5020-WMSP5040-WMSP5050 – TECUM