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ResguardoInnovative Safety Equipments

Resguardo Industries is a company dedicated to innovate, design, build and deliver unique life saving products required especially in high-rise buildings and industrial plants.

All the products are designed keeping just one common goal in mind of saving a precious life. The products are very simple to use and have been designed such that they can be operated by an untrained person as well. We have strived our best to improve the life safety of people who work or stay in high-rise buildings with innovative life saving products like evacuation chairs, foldable stretchers, liftable wheelchairs, Bump cap and many more such unique life safety products which can save’s a life at the time of emergencies.
The first few minutes of an emergency are the most crucial and these life saving devices could make a difference between life and death!

Resguardo industries has a state of art manufacturing facility near Bangalore with a full fledged design and manufacturing team geared to meet modern day challenges and come up with innovative life safety products day after day.

  • Resguardo Bump Cap

  • Resguardo Emergency Escape Breathing Device

  • Resguardo Emergency Evacuation Mattress

  • Resguardo ERT- FR Vest

  • Resguardo Escape Smoke Hood

  • Resguardo Evacuation Mat

  • Resguardo First Aid Kit

  • Resguardo Hospital Model Evacuation Chair

  • Resguardo Liftable Wheel Chair

  • Resguardo O2 Kit

  • Resguardo Premium Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

  • Resguardo Regular Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair