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Central Battery SystemsGessler GmbH

Gessler is a leading German manufacturer of Central battery, exit and emergency lighting solutions. The wide range of high-quality products include central power supply systems, single-battery systems, exit sign and emergency luminaires which are designed to make a bold aesthetic statement.

Since 1975 Gessler‘s headquarters are located in Rodgau, Germany. The different ranges and designs of luminaires helps the client to choose as per architectural and aesthetic requirements. All luminaires are uniquely addressed and are continuously monitored. Different possibilities of interfaces such as BACnet, LON, Webserver etc enables BMS integration and remote monitoring

  • DISPLAY 2000/G4

  • DISPLAY 3000/G6 3000/F6

  • DISPLAY 9000



  • Gessler LED Spot LS3

  • KV2000

  • LED – high performance spotlight ST1/ST2/ST5

  • LED Spot LS1

  • LED Spot LS6

  • LED-Spot LA5

  • LED-Spot LA6