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Air Sampling Smoke Detection & EN-54 Wireless Fire Alarm SystemElotec AS

ELOTEC AS is an ISO9001 certified company manufacturing Air Sampling Smoke detection system & wireless addressable fire alarm systems. Elotec’s range of Vds certified Aspect series of Air sampling smoke detection systems have been installed in more than 10,000 projects across Europe & Middle East.

Air Sampling Smoke Detection System

Aspect series of Air sampling smoke detection system employs advanced technology In smoke detection for special applications including data centers, warehouses, workshops, cold & freezer rooms etc where spot type smoke detectors are not possible to be installed due to high amount of dust or temperature related parameters. Aspect series includes 3 range of panels namely Lazeer, Grizzle & Nitro which covers all the 3 types A, B & C type sensitivity. The special printed drilling line, smoother bends, capillary tubes, Sampling holes for false ceiling (sniffers) & clips completed the range of accessories required for every type of installation requirement. A very innovative Mobile application helps in commissioning & troubleshooting for
the customer as well.

Wireless Addressable Fire Alarm System

Elotec provides a fully EN54 compliant addressable wireless fire alarm system approved by Intertek Laboratory. Upto 240 wireless devices can be connected to wireless fire alarm control panel. The entire system includes wireless detectors, input & output modules, sounders & pull stations which covers the entire requirement for a fully comprehensive wireless fire alarm system.

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  • Aspect GRIZZLE Aspirating Smoke Detector AE2010G

  • Aspect LAZEER Aspirati ng Smoke Detector AE2010L

  • Aspect NITRO Aspirati ng Smoke Detector AE2010N

  • ROYAL MM 1000+

  • ROYAL RS 2000+

  • ROYAL TO 1000+

  • ROYAL TO 2000+

  • ROYAL TO 2030+

  • ROYAL TV 1000+

  • ROYAL TV 2000+

  • ROYAL TV2030+

  • ROYAL Z+