Edge Technical Solutions is proud to announce its partnership with Valcom International, a renowned provider of high-quality paging, intercom, and emergency notification systems. This partnership will enable Edge Technical Solutions to offer a complete range of IP and network-distributed paging, intercoms, and emergency notification systems to its clients.

Valcom International is a leader in providing top-quality paging, intercom, and emergency notification systems. Its products are known for their reliability, ease of use, and advanced features. By partnering with Valcom International, Edge Technical Solutions will now be able to provide its clients with a range of innovative solutions, including IP and network-based paging systems, intercoms, and emergency notification systems. These systems can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructure, making it easy for organizations to manage their communication channels and ensure seamless communication across teams and departments.

With the integration of these new communication solutions, organizations can now ensure effective communication across teams and departments, even during emergencies. This can help organizations improve their operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and ultimately, drive business success.

In conclusion, Edge Technical Solutions is excited to partner with Valcom International to provide its clients with the most advanced and reliable communication solutions. This partnership represents a significant step forward in Edge Technical Solutions’ mission to provide
Integrated Solutions to building automation, fire, safety, & security systems providing customer focus with Quality, Service & Safety”.

About Edge Technical Solutions

Edge Technical Solutions specializes in low voltage including Fire Alarms, Smoke Ventilation, Emergency Lighting Systems, Lighting Controls, Dimming Systems, Integrated Building Management Systems & Guest Room Management Systems. We offer full service to our customers from consulting, design, installation, and commissioning as well as servicing of those systems.

With over 11 years of expertise, Edge Technical Solutions is a growing leader in building automation and as a low-current systems integrator.
Edge represents numerous reputed manufacturers across the Globe who are well-known and respected in their individual fields for the quality and reliability of their products.

All the products are LPCB, TUV, Vds, UL or BSI Kitemark approved. Edge is also an A+ Certified company for providing Installation & Maintenance services in Dubai.

About Valcom International

Founded in 1977 in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Roanoke, Virginia, Valcom specializes in full IP and network-distributed paging, intercom, and emergency notification systems. Valcom’s vision is to keep the global community safe, informed, and on schedule by providing innovative solutions for our customer’s daily needs and emergencies.

Valcom’s mission is to provide innovative next-generation daily and emergency communication solutions using smarter technology and cloud-enabled services that deliver accurate information to global communities and individuals in a timely manner.

Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on these products.