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What’s new at Intersec 2018 ? – EDGE Technical Solutions

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Intersec Dubai promises to be even bigger in 2018. It will present over 1,300 exhibitors that will showcase a truly comprehensive range of products across SEVEN broad sections: Commercial Security, Smart Home,  Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health, Homeland Security & Policing and Perimeter & Physical Security

What to look out for on our Stand?

EDGE has a mission for improving the range of Quality Security & Safety products available in the Middle East Region by collaborating with renowned manufacturers from across the World. Please visit our stand and witness working demos of the new range from:


POTTER AFC & ARC series is now officially released by POTTER with new range of panels starting from 50 devices to 1270 devices.

Potter is extremely proud of these new panels and SLC devices because they are 100% assembled in the USA and meet the “Buy America” and “Buy American” Acts

Pyrexx is one of the leading German manufacturer of standalone and wireless Interlinked smoke alarms.The possibility to connect with external interfaces through relays & availability of optional mobile app & sms allows user to be alerted in case of any alarm immediately.

Pyrexx is also well known for manufacturing of customisable colors & finishes of smoke alarms to match any interior decoration requirements


With almost 60 years of experience, POLON-Alfa Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer of fire alarm systems in Poland.

Polon-Alfa manufactures EN-54 certified fire alarm panels & detectors. The entire range also includes conventional panels, releasing panels, addressables panels & Smoke Ventiallation system including field devices such as detectors, sounders and LPCB certified BEAM Detectors

Launch of New & Improved High Wattage Emergency & Exit Light from DENKO

Denko Singapore has been continuously evolving to the requirements of the ME region and has now come out with new improved High Watt LED luminaires for both commercial Building & Warehouse applications.

Please visit our stand to see the Launch of the new range of models of LED Emergency & Exit luminaires


Elmdene is a renowned UK based manufacturer for designing and manufacturing innovative products for the intruder, access control, CCTV and fire markets

Check out the wide range of Power supplies from Elmdene by POTTER.


We would like to introduce the UL listed product which is approved for testing both photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors and eliminates the risk of any harmful residue

For over 30 years, HSI Fire & Safety has provided fire alarm test and maintenance professionals with a full line of equipment and accessories for functional testing of smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors.

Even More Reasons to Visit….

Visit & see the new Sibelon Inverter Series of Central Battery system along with a wide range of Emergency & Exit Luminaires from Gessler Gmbh, Germany
Visit our stand & see working LIVE DEMO of LONIX & FIDELIX IBMS & Guest Room Management System Integrated over a single powerful COBA software platform

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Look out for our article advertisement on Fire Middle East Magazine – January Intersec 2018 Special Edition
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ELOTEC Air Sampling Smoke Detection System – July Edition

In This Issue

  • Introducing Elotec Aspirating Smoke Detection System
  • Key Features of ASSD

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We talk about Standalone & Interlinked Smoke Detectors for Residential Villas & Temporary Units

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Intelligent Aspirating Panels from ELOTEC

EDGE is proud to inform that ELOTEC’s Vds Certified Aspirating Smoke Detection Panels are now listed with Civil Defense authorities across the GCC. ELOTEC range of Aspect panels includes LAZEER, GRIZZLE & NITRO covering all the different sensitivity levels A, B & C to provide the right solution for any type of smoke detection application.

Key Features of ASPECT Air Sampling System

Going Mobile
Elotec provides a highly efficient free to download Mobile Application for monitoring of the Air Sampling panels in a facility. This also includes monitoring air flow, fan speed, filter status & monitoring of other critical parameters required for proper functioning of the system

Extreme Dusty Conditions
Elotec has always addressed frequent issues faced by customers due to specific building working applications & formally introduced VULCAN for high amount of dust & condensation water collection & ELOCLEAN for automatic scheduled cleaning of pipes

Cold & Freezer Applications
Elotec’s range of ASPECT panels can be placed inside Cold & Freezer rooms since the operating temperature of these panels can go upto -30 degrees celsius. This helps smoke detection for such applications without any condensation related  issues.

Hidden Detection
Elotec has an innovative solution for discreet smoke detection sampling points commonly known as sniffers which help in less maintenance, protection against insects & in a very small size which makes detection points hidden on ceiling

ELOTEC Systems is approved by Regional Civil Defense Authorities


Elotec AS is an ISO 9001 certified, AAA certified Norwegian company manufacturing Air Sampling Panels in Oppdal, Norway. Elotec has installed Aspect series of Air Sampling panel in more than 70,000 projects across Scandinavia & Middle East. Project references include the 6th largest building in the world (S Group  PT- Logistic center), Yandex Data Center & more than 53,000 agriculture buildings across Scandinavia

Contact Us on [email protected] or 04-3706172 to know more

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Testing Smoke Detectors? – Go Economical but Environment friendly

HSI Smoke Sprays & Testers

EDGE is proud to partner with HSI Fire & Safety USA for the smoke detector testing tools & sprays. HSI provides patented products including SmokeCheck® and PurCheck® are reliable, easy to use and affordable methods to test smoke detectors. If some of the smoke detectors need cleaning prior to testing, DustAir is the perfect choice.

  • The only totally non-flammable testing product available
  • Meets all NFPA 72 and International Fire Codes
  • 100% EPA compliant with no HFCs or CFCs
  • Effective: 300+ tests per can
  • UL and ULC Listed
  • Safe on sensors
The Only Non-Flammable Environment Friendly Smoke Spray
  • Quick and Easy, very economical… uses less aerosol.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Directionalizes aerosol while dissipating the propellant.
  • Leaves no residue, no moisture. Accurate every time.
  • Economical: 200+ tests per can
  • Designed to prevent dangerous overspray, backwash and aerosol leaks from the extension.
  • UL/ULC Listed, Manufacturer Approved.

About HSI Fire & Safety

In 1979, the original smoke detector test aerosol, SmokeCheck®, was created. Developed to answer a need for full functionality testing of a smoke detector, SmokeCheck received its first patent and UL listing.

Since then, HSI has led the development of additional functional testing mediums and tools for smoke, carbon monoxide and heat detectors. Their patented formulas gives the user confidence in testing to know that all the detectors are ready to respond in case of an alarm.

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Gessler Central Battery System – Made in Germany



EDGE is excited to inform our valued customers that GESSLER (Germany) is now approved with Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah Civil Defense authorities. This helps us to support even better in terms of supply, installation & testing commissioning of Central Battery with LED Emergency & Exit Lighting solutions across the UAE.


We have the solution !!!
AC-AC & AC-DC Central Battery Systems
Gessler Central Battery Systems provides both AC-DC & AC-AC Inverter Based solutions which is beneficial for any client or consultant to design the system with either options. The entire system architecture including the cabling & address modules remain the same in either of the system designs which makes it easier to modify the system at a future design stage.

LEED Certified
Gessler Gmbh is one of the first Emergency & Exit Lighting Manufacturer to have US Green Building LEED Certified Emergency & Exit Lighting luminaires.
150KVA Max. LOAD
Gessler CBS panels have a 7inch Touchscreen & connects upto 150KVA maximum load on a single Main Panel including 6500 final end circuits each of 6Amps.

About GESSLER Gmbh

Over the past 40 years, Gessler has blossomed from a small family business to one of Germany‘s leaders in the production of emergency lighting and power supply systems.

Gessler products are internationally renowned for their innovative design, their quality and reliability which is repeatedly proven from the Best Innovator awards won in 2015 & 2017. Gessler offers an broad range of emergency lighting systems and integrated solutions for commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, office buildings, production plants, hotels, shopping malls and many other types of buildings.

Contact Us on [email protected] or 04-3706172
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We are now in SHARJAH – EDGE Technical Solutions

We are now APPROVED in Sharjah!

EDGE Team is very proud to announce the listing with Sharjah Civil Defense for our entire range of Life Safety Products. This ensures the possibility to deliver our high quality safety products to the construction sector in Sharjah.

Brands & Systems Offered with Sharjah Civil Defense Approvals

Below are the brands and the respective systems that we offer with our latest Sharjah Civil Defense approvals

  • POTTER (USA)      – Addressable & Releasing Fire Alarm Systems
  • Firehawk (UK)       – Mains & Battery Operated Smoke & Heat Alarms
  • Elotec (Norway)     – Air Sampling System
  • Gessler (Germany)- Central Battery Emergency Lighting System
  • EML(Hungary)   – Self Contained Centrally Monitored System
  • Denko (Singapore)- Self Contained Emergency & Exit Lights


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Elmdene 12V & 24V Backup Power Supply

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Elmdene, a POTTER Company is an ISO9001 manufacturer having a wide range of affordable Power Supplies which meets the entire range of 12V & 24V power requirements of ELV Systems.


12Vdc and 24Vdc Battery Backup Power Supplies
12Vac and 24Vac Battery Backup Power Supplies
Power Over Ethernet Minipod & Powerpod
Detection & Hold Up Devices
Other Security Ancillaries like Sounders, Beacons & Speakers.


All Products come with a 3 – 5 Year Warranty


Latest News from Elmdene:


The new ‘selectable’ 12V dc / 24V dc switch mode range of power supplies has been designed for Fire Alarm, Access Control, CCTV and General Purpose applications and also feature support for standby battery(s)

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Please contact us on [email protected] or +971 4 3706172 for further information

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