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Resguardo Escape Smoke Hood

The Escape Smoke Hood is a simple life saving device with mechanical and chemical filters which can block toxic gases like CO, HCN, HCL, Acrolein, and give the occupants precious time of 15 minutes to escape safely from the building. It is therefore a must for all office buildings, hospitals, industries, hotels, high rise buildings, public entertainment places, schools, colleges etc.
In most fire accidents it is not fire but smoke which causes severe damage and even loss of life. In every building/industry there are vulnerable people and emergency support groups who need a little more time to escape as compared to the regular occupant viz. OT Doctors / Staffs / Nurses / Server Room / Network Room Engineers / Lab Scientists / Process Engineers / Complex Machine Operators, ERT members
These group of people may need an extended time to escape as they have to follow certain shut down procedures before they can leave the building when the fire alarm rings. The Escape smoke hood can thus be a life saver as it gives respiratory, head and eye protection against smoke and toxic gases during a fire accident.

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Product description

  • The hood is made from flame retardant fabric which protects from fire.
  • Lead time of 15 minutes to escape safety from the building.
  • The filter & canister is made of stainless steel material &has a mechanical and chemical filter which blocks CO, HCN,HCL, Acrolein and other toxic gases.
  • The neck belt is made from elastic rubber which is stretchable.
  • The half face mask is made from neoprene rubber and fits the user’s face completely.
  • One way breathing valve is made of ABS plastic which prevents inhaling of toxic gases and is used to only exhale out.
  • The Visor is made of soft PVC which does not melt easily &the Hood belt is made of cotton.
  • It has an Air plug is made out of neoprene rubber which it is used to block to ends of filter when not in us.
How TO Use:
  • Remove the escape mask from the wall and take out the escape mask from the case.
  • Remove the rubber plug located in front of the filter.
  • Remove the rubber plug located from the inner side of the filter too.
  • Pull the mask over your head and pull it downwards covering the neck.
  • Cover your mouth and nose completely.
  • Breathe calmly and follow the route to the nearest emergency exit.