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Self Contained 230Vac Central Monitoring SystemEML

EML Lighting Ltd. provides full service to secure buildings at the most modern level. Our safety and exit luminaires are sold in conventional and addressed system.

The addressed system offers a number of advantages; after installation and commissioning, the system can be maintained cost-effectively.

The unique addressing of the lights provides easy supervision, and all the necessary information are shown on the control panel’s LCD. Our engineers constantly develop our products to satisfy all the requirements

EML Light fittings are all LED with different type of mounting types available. All Light fittings are UL listed and Made in Hungary

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  • EML – Control Panel

  • EML-313 R/F

  • EML-4014 R/F

  • EML-414

  • EML-515

  • EML-6014

  • EML-6016

  • EML-6017

  • EML-613

  • EML-813

  • EML-816