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Building Management Systems

In Finland, the land of Santa, but also the land of the 1000 lakes, we are constantly in touch with nature. With winters easily as cold as -25°C, and summers easily as hot as 35°C, we know what seasons-change means!

Our systems are developed precisely for that: maintaining a perfectly balanced and constant inside-climate.

Regardless of the weather outside. Or actually, even anticipating on the weather outside!

Fides Viridis Because our founders have more than 25 years of experience in several countries and several climates, with currently more than 10 000 projects finished (and counting), because we can offer full-range top-scale complete building control systems with integrated security, but also know how to make a small, economical system for your home office, because our weather-anticipating systems will reduce the energy consumption of your building, because we offer long-term solutions that will last for years to come, and because added to all that, you will have more control and flexibility than ever, that’s why Fidelix stands for Green Finnish Reliability

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