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According to UAE Civil Defence, It is mandatory to install fire detecting systems As it will help you with Fire Safety, But what is Fire Safety?

Fire Safety is a method to minimize fire and its effects, This can be done by following safety rules and usage of fire products like fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

Note: It is important that everyone in your family and people around you are aware of all the safety methods and rules.

Here’re the safety rules:

Smoke detectors should be installed at the right places in the building and it needs to be tested and maintained regularly

Fire Extinguishers should be placed in such a way across the entire building that it is easily accessible to all the people and they need to be aware on how the Extinguisher work

Make sure you take the exit immediately during an emergency with all the people around you and once you are out of the building call on the emergency number and always keep the fire emergency number (997) handly

Training people is very important, In the event, If a fire does break out in your building, you should ensure that people know what to do

Exits should be marked with the help of Emergency lighting

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