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Intelligent Aspirating Panels from ELOTEC

EDGE is proud to inform that ELOTEC’s Vds Certified Aspirating Smoke Detection Panels are now listed with Civil Defense authorities across the GCC. ELOTEC range of Aspect panels includes LAZEER, GRIZZLE & NITRO covering all the different sensitivity levels A, B & C to provide the right solution for any type of smoke detection application.

Key Features of ASPECT Air Sampling System

Going Mobile
Elotec provides a highly efficient free to download Mobile Application for monitoring of the Air Sampling panels in a facility. This also includes monitoring air flow, fan speed, filter status & monitoring of other critical parameters required for proper functioning of the system

Extreme Dusty Conditions
Elotec has always addressed frequent issues faced by customers due to specific building working applications & formally introduced VULCAN for high amount of dust & condensation water collection & ELOCLEAN for automatic scheduled cleaning of pipes

Cold & Freezer Applications
Elotec’s range of ASPECT panels can be placed inside Cold & Freezer rooms since the operating temperature of these panels can go upto -30 degrees celsius. This helps smoke detection for such applications without any condensation related  issues.

Hidden Detection
Elotec has an innovative solution for discreet smoke detection sampling points commonly known as sniffers which help in less maintenance, protection against insects & in a very small size which makes detection points hidden on ceiling

ELOTEC Systems is approved by Regional Civil Defense Authorities


Elotec AS is an ISO 9001 certified, AAA certified Norwegian company manufacturing Air Sampling Panels in Oppdal, Norway. Elotec has installed Aspect series of Air Sampling panel in more than 70,000 projects across Scandinavia & Middle East. Project references include the 6th largest building in the world (S Group  PT- Logistic center), Yandex Data Center & more than 53,000 agriculture buildings across Scandinavia

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