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Aspect LAZEER Aspirati ng Smoke Detector AE2010L

• Two pipelines—one detection zone
• Sensiti vity according to EN 54-20
• Up to 2×100 meter pipelines on one zone (klass A)
• Tight enclosure with over pressure keeps dust away from
the control electronics.
• Internal supervision warns of operati ng faults (clogged
fi lters, air fl ow and fan faults), mains and batt ery faults.
• Built-in emergency power supply.
• The ASPECT LAZEER may be connected to Elotec addressable
fire alarm panels, or function as a stand-alone device.

Product description

ASPECT LAZEER aspirating smoke detectors have been developed for early warning in clean rooms with high demands to quick detection of smoke and fire gases. The device consists of an aspirator cabinet with built-in fan, filters and two chambers for smoke detection. Naturally occurring gases, particles and condensation are separated from fire gases
and smoke before detection takes place. The detector has two pipelines and one detection area. LAZEER indicates presence of smoke in three preset levels, and can be configured to raise the alarm at any one of these levels. The ASPECT is very easy to install. External mounting flanges simplifies mounting on the wall, and hinged covers provides simple
access to connection terminals and filters.