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Resguardo Regular Evacuation Chair / Rescue Chair

Evacuating differently abled, elderly people or pregnant women from apartments to safety, in case of any emergency such as fire, bomb threat, earthquake etc., is the biggest challenge as the lifts are generally grounded in such scenarios. During a fire the critical time for evacuating the people at floor level is 2.5 minutes since fire and smoke can engulf the entire floor. The Evacuation chair is a comfortable chair that moves effortlessly on wheels over flat surfaces and simply glides down the staircase. The Evacuation / Rescue chair is a single operator model that can be easily operated by just one person.

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Product description

  • Powder coated aluminium frame body, 25 mm dia (3mm in thickness).
  • The chair weighs 13.5kgs
  • Smooth rubber wheels that can be rotated through 360o.
  • Smooth metal gliders with a thick canvas rubber belt.
  • Soft & comfortable seat with high density cushioning.
  • Built to with stand a load of up to 150kgs.
  • Foldable & provides convenience of storage.
  • CE approved:EN ISO 13485:2012